A voice that stops time.

A voice that stops time. CATT turns seemingly small stories into universal narratives about the now, the here, the being. Music as hope, full of radiant clarity, a new draft of pop, full of depth, full of sparkle and: Honesty. “I embraced a lot of change as a human and as a musician. Probably everyone moves through personal transformation in these times. We are all on our way. Radical honesty with ourselves will always move us to wherever we desire to be. And a song can give us a home.” Growing up in a three-house village in northern Germany between forests, fields, classical piano training and trombone choirs, CATT surrounded herself with music from childhood. Before she could really speak, she sang. Today she switches effortlessly between instruments, thrilling audiences with her immense musicality and joy of playing both in solo concerts and with her incredible band. On her self-produced debut records "Moon" and "Why, Why“ the multi-instrumentalist built a unique musical universe. In a surprisingly pure and playful way CATT creates emotional and musical depth. Colorful arrangements naturally melt genre boarders and flow into the form of beautiful, timeless pop songs. The music of CATT found its way into countless ears and hearts and gushing reviews. The concerts drew enthusiastic audiences. Now “Change” shows a grown artist. “It’s time to become our unique selves again! The world needs each of us strong and free, weird and beautiful as we are. Maybe my songs can be companions on your journey.“