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LIVE - 2020

April 4th Husum
Husum Harbour Festival Tickets
April 18th Stade
Hanse Song Festival Tickets
April 22th Stuttgart
Tiemo Hauer (Support) Tickets
April 23th München
Tiemo Hauer (Support) Tickets
April 24th Köln
Tiemo Hauer (Support) Tickets
April 26th Wiesbaden
Tiemo Hauer (Support) Tickets
April 28th Hamburg
Tiemo Hauer (Support) Tickets
April 29th Hannover
Tiemo Hauer (Support) Tickets
April 30th Leipzig
Tiemo Hauer (Support) Tickets
May 2nd Berlin
Tiemo Hauer (Support) Tickets
May 3rd Halle
Women in Jazz Festival (feat. Landesjugend­jazzorchester) Tickets


May 7th Halle
Women in Jazz Festival Tickets
May 8th Leipzig
Horns Erben Tickets
May 9th Dorsten
Oude Marie Tickets
May 10th Köln
Wohngemeinschaft Tickets
May 11th Münster
Pension Schmidt Tickets
May 12th Hamburg
Hebebühne Tickets
May 14th Hannover
Tonstudio Tessmar Tickets
May 15th Hildesheim
Kreuzbar Tickets
May 17th Laufen an der Salzach
zum OXN Tickets
May 18th München
Heppel & Ettlich Tickets
May 19th Stuttgart
Kulturquartier Tickets
May 22nd Lüneburg
Cafe Klatsch Tickets
June 3rd Berlin
Silent Green Tickets
August 5th Flensburg
Flensburger Hofkultur (Band) Tickets
August 22th Erfurt
Kaisersaal Open Air (Band) Tickets


Catt sitting on sofa

CATT grew up in a North German three-house-village mainly surrounded by woods and classical music before she moved to Berlin to study music production.
After she'd played and composed for several artists, the multi-instrumentalist released her debut record "Moon" in June 2019 which moves somewhere between Pop and Indie. It's a strong first signal of her colorful piano-playing and her voice floating above warm vocal arrangements.


CATT works as a pianist and singer. She also plays the trombone, trumpet, french horn and percussions in diverse productions. She composes for and with other artists and their projects, sometimes she also joins them on stage. She creates film music and orchestra pieces, plays at events and weddings and also works as a teacher.


Judith Holofernes, Sarah Connor, Kat Frankie, Benjamin Bistram, Die Lochis, Julia Engelmann, Metropole Orchestra, Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin, The Voice of Germany, Ali Askin, Nico Santos, Prinz Pi, Stefan Behrisch, Jocelyn B. Smith, Ein Hit ist ein Hit, Nikko Weidemann, Noah Levi, Beatgees, Wilhelmine, Alex Mayr, Andi Fins, Will Church, LEA, Katja Aujesky, Luca Vasta, KLAN, Niels Frevert, Johanna Amelie, Esther Graf, Fil Bo Riva, Teesy, SDP, Elias Hadjeus, Læn, Filmorchester Babelsberg, Balbina


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