December 12th 2018

Listen to one of my all-time-favorite covers: 'A Case of You' by Joni Mitchell, Live at Kassablanca Jena.

November 9th 2018

New Single 'Sea' out now!

August 23th 2018

 Rooftop Session 'Away' now online:


August 15th 2018 

 New Single 'Away' OUT NOW!


ON TOUR: June 23th-July 1th

On Tour through Germany and Switzerland with Alessio. Check out the EVENTS to see if your city is part of it.

April 23th 2018

While working on new music in the studio I found this old beautiful piano and immediately wondered how 'Moon' might sound on it.. Thank you Michael Kümper for recording and Michèl Martins Almeida for filming that moment!

April 8th 2018

Out now: 'Fireball' live session with Læn. Soon available on Spotify, iTunes and co.

April 7th 2018

Acoustic EP out now!
6 songs, 3 by me, 3 by Alessio. Played and recored live & pure. So if you are still into old fashioned CD vibes let me know. LIMITED EDITION!

April 3th 2018

New music on Sunday with my personal soul queen Læn. We've been writing for her project almost for a year now and you can listen to a first live session already in a few days.

photo: Michèl Martins Almeida

March 9th 2018

You can listen to my first single MOON on every platform now.