Catharina Schorling works as a pianist and singer. She also plays the trombone, trumpet, french horn and percussions in diverse productions. She composes for and with other artists and their projects, sometimes she also joins them on stage. She creates film music and orchestra pieces, plays at events and weddings and also works as a teacher. 



Fil Bo Riva, Elias Hadjeus, Teesy, Die Lochis, Julia Engelmann, Benjamin Bistram, Metropole Orchestra, Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin, Læn, The Voice of Germany, Ali Askin. Nico Santos, Sarah Connor. Prinz Pi, Stefan Behrisch. Jocelyn B. Smith, Ein Hit ist ein Hit, Nikko Weidemann. Noah Levi. Beatgees. Wilhelmine. Alex Mayr. FINS. Will Church. Judith Holofernes. LEA. Annenmaykantereit.